Pet Care – Canine Blood Drive


On February 16, 2008 we will be hosting a Canine Blood Drive with Midwest Animal Blood Services Inc. There is a great demand for canine blood products regionally, as well as nationwide, and we are looking for volunteer donors to help fulfill this great need. The blood is processed into packed red blood cells and plasma so your pet will be helping two dogs when he/she donates! We will be in need of 24-30 dogs to volunteer that meet the following criteria:

      Healthy and friendly

      Fifty pounds or over

      Between one and seven years old

      Free of parasites and current on vaccinations

      Taking no medications except heartworm and/or flea preventative

      No heart murmur

If you own a dog fitting this description and would like your pet to become a blood donor, the screening process (at no charge) follows:

1. Your dog will be weighed. You will fill out a health history form for your pet.

2. A licensed veterinarian or licensed veterinary technician will examine your dog and review the health history with you.

3. Three tubes of blood will be drawn and tested to determine the current health status of your pet. Health status is established by reviewing red blood cell count and chemistry profile on site, tickborne disease screen and blood typing will be completed within two weeks after donation. Complete results will be mailed to you at no charge, within three weeks post donation.

4. Your dog will donate one unit of blood.

Blood donation is a simple procedure. It does not require anesthesia or sedation. Donating blood takes only 15-20 minutes. Dogs donate either sitting or lying down. Blood is taken from a jugular vein, a large vein in the neck. Giving blood will not hinder your pet’s normal activity: flyball, agility, obedience, or tracking. Donors do not need to fast before giving blood. Dogs donate 400 milliliters of blood. Your dog will not receive orange juice after donating but he will receive treats!

If you are interested in your dog becoming a donor please call us at 517-223-9618, so that we may schedule an appointment for you, and thanks for your help!!