The breeding season is rapidly progressing and it is time to start becoming more aggressive with the mares that have had a difficult time getting in foal. If mares that have not settled yet have not had a breeding soundness exam it is time to do a complete exam including cultures, biopsies, blood exams for selenium, thyroid and general condition, ultrasounds of the uterus and ovaries and whatever other exams and tests are deemed appropriate.

Many mares do not become pregnant or do not maintain pregnancies due to endometritis. Endometritis is inflammation of the uterus usually caused by bacterial contamination. Most normal mares have the ability to clear the uterus of contaminating agents that enter the uterus, usually during birthing or breeding, by their own body’s immune system. When the immune system of the mare is unable to clear the contamination, an inflammation develops that prevents the mare from conceiving or maintaining the pregnancy.