At Kern Road Veterinary Clinic, we know that your dog or cat is not just a pet, but a beloved family member. As our four-legged family members increase in age, their needs to remain active and healthy increase. In order to help you better care for your senior pets, we are now offering a new program called “Golden Years Day Camp”. This program is designed to help screen for many types of illnesses which may occur as your pet gets older. Diagnosing these illnesses early may allow us to successfully treat your pet before noticeable clinical signs occur.

Golden Years Day Camp includes three different packages all offered at a discounted price. The different packages for both dogs and cats are available so that you may choose which program best suits both you and your pet’s needs. All packages include a day at “camp” within our hospital and a full comprehensive physical exam. A fecal exam will be performed to screen for parasites. A urinalysis will be evaluated to monitor kidney function, screen for bladder infections and other metabolic diseases. All packages include blood work of varying levels which will help us to monitor several parameters including your pet’s kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, and red and white cell levels. Packages which include screening x-rays for your pet’s chest, abdomen, and arthritic joints are also available. Lastly, the Golden Years Day Camp also offers an evaluation of your pet’s heart function with the use of Cardiopet, or an EKG which is reviewed by a remote cardiologist. Each day at “camp” ends with a discharge appointment with a veterinarian to fully explain our findings and make recommendations for keeping your pet healthy.

We recommend our Golden Years Day Camp for any dog or cat over the age of seven. However, if you would like your younger pets to join us, we would be happy to include them as well! Call today for more details on packages available and to schedule a day at “camp” for your beloved pet. We strive to have your pets live longer, happier lives!