When winter settles upon us, there are a few cold weather care tips to keep in mind.


1. Horses should have adequate food, water and shelter.

      a. at least a 3-sided run-in shed should be available to protect from wind and freezing rain.

      b. horses produce body heat by digesting hay, so some extra hay for outside-stabled horses helps to keep them warm.

      c. Make sure water is always available (not frozen).

2. Horses are more prone to impaction colic during cold months due to inadequate water intake.

      a. Horses have been shown to drink more when warm water is offered.

      b. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of salt to the grain can help increase water intake.

3. Exercise is OK in cold weather, but working up a sweat when it is less than 20 degrees makes cooling-out very important.

4. Horses with respiratory problems may have more trouble during extremely cold weather.


For our small animal friends –

1. Food, water and shelter are a must. Outdoor animals should not be left out when temperatures are below 0 degrees unless they have enclosed shelter such as an igloo. Make sure water is not frozen.

2. Paw pads can be sensitive to ice and rock salt. Wipe feet after returning inside from a walk on salted roads or sidewalks.