Microchip – an ID that Lasts a Lifetime

Having a pet run away or become lost can be extremely devastating. Did your pet become hurt? End up in a shelter? Or did someone else take him in thinking the pet was homeless?

Pet ID tags on collars have been extremely helpful in assisting the shelters and veterinary community return pets to their rightful owners. What happens when that collar with all of your pets identification falls off?

Microchips are an easy and inexpensive way to permanently identify your dog or cat – for life. Microchips have been available for several years and have been extremely successful. Nearly all shelters make it a standard for all adopted pets to be microchipped before going to a new home. What’s more, is that the same shelters will scan all incoming animals enabling them to contact their owners and return them home.

The procedure for placing a microchip is very easy and non-stressful for your pet. This chip is very small and placed at the base of the neck in between your pet’s shoulder blades. A needle is used to place the chip under the skin where it will remain permanently. When a scanner is moved over the area where the chip resides, your pet’s identification number is revealed. By contacting the microchip manufacturer with the number, your pet’s information – including name, age, neuter status, contact numbers and veterinarian will all be made available.

We recommend microchipping all pets. They can be placed at any age over 6 weeks. Call us today and ensure that your pet has its identification forever.