Month Dewormer Notes
Jan/Feb Panacur (fenbendazole) This is a good time to give a Panacur PowerPac while environmental parasites are low (these can be purchased through Kern Road Vet or other suppliers).
March/April Strongid (pyrantal)  
May/June Ivermectin or Equimax/Zimectrin Gold (ivermectin + praziquantal) Be sure to use something with praziquantal at least once a year to eliminate tapeworms
July/Aug Panacur (fenbendazole)  
Sept/Oct Strongid (pyrantal) A double dose of strongid can also eliminate tapeworms
Nov/Dec Ivermectin or Equimax/Zimectrin Gold (ivermectin + praziquantal) Give after the 1st hard, killing frost to eliminate bots.

This schedule is only a guideline. Different dewormers can be used at different times; the rotation of ingredients is what is important. The Nov/Dec deworming is the only one that should not be changed, due to the limited window of opportunity to kill bots.

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